Exploring New Field of Theoretical Chemistry Based on Electronic Structure Theory

News & Topics

Mr. Rui-Sheng Zhao has joined our laboratory as a Post Doc.
Mr. Souichi Ito has joined our laboratory as an assistant professor.
Professor Roberto Cammi (Univ Parma) stays in our laboratory for two weeks.
Dr. Malinee Promkatkaew (Kasetsart Univ) stays in our laboratory for two months.
Dr. Anchalee Junkaew (NANOTEC) stays in our laboratory for three months.
Dr. Ryoichi Fukuda was promoted to an Associate Professor of ESICB, Kyoto University.
Associate Professor Deva Priyakumar (IIIT Hyderabad) stays in our laboratory for two months in JSPS short term.
Mr. Takashi Shiraogawa has joined our laboratory.
Ms. Jittima Meeprasert (NANOTEC) stays in my laboratory for three months.

About us

Wide varieties of chemical phenomena appear on the basis of the electronic structure of molecules. The purpose of our group is to clarify the "essence" of the chemical phenomena and to create "new chemical concept" using the electronic structure theory. We develop the highly accurate excited-state theory and apply it to molecular spectroscopy, photochemistry, and photo material science, etc. We also investigate the catalytic reactions and surface photochemistry. Our current main subjects are as follows:

Development of Accurate Electronic Structure Theory | Theoretical Fine Spectroscopy | 
Photofunctional Molecules | Surface-Molecule Interacting System

Please look at "Research" page for details. If you are interested in above subjects, please contact with M. Ehara.

Professor Masahiro Ehara,
Research Center for Computational Science,
Institute for Molecular Science,
38 Nishigo-Naka, Myodaiji, Okazaki 444-8585, Japan
TEL: +81-564-55-7461, FAX: +81-564-55-7025
e-mail: ehara at ims.ac.jp